Configure Social Channel

Getting ZORALab crew to help you apply a set of configurations into your established social channel like profile pages and messenging service as per your company's policies.

Product Details

Configure Social Channel




  1. Test and apply ONE (1) set of configurations.
  2. VERIFY BEFORE RELEASE for production.


Cut-off Time: 7 working days


Malaysia: MYR 135.00
Global: USD 135.00



About the Task

The goal of this task is to perform the following actions for an existing account in a technically warranted manner with the goal to ensure no data losses across the firm:

  1. TEST AND APPLY ONE (1) SET of channel's system configurations (e.g. many settings in 1 transaction); and
  2. VERIFY the new configurations are stable and secured before releasing it back to you.
Here are some considerations before purchasing:

When To Purchase

Best purchase when:

  • you want us to first setup the channel before sending to your social admins.

  • you bumped into channel system's technical issues AND none of your admins know how-to rectify the matter.

  • you have new social campaign and need us to help you configure the channel for it.


To execute the job properly, you MUST:

  • Your channel had already established and secured under your control.

  • Ensure we have a proper setup and configured identity and access to your channel.

  • Assign an admin associate in case of decision making.

What to Expect

You should be prepared to expect all the following:

  • The task CONFIGURES AND DEPLOYS ONE (1) SET of configurations.

  • No deployment to production if the configurations failed testing phase with no reliable workaround.

  • Effect is system-wide so everyone in the firm will experience changes after successful deployment.

  • Access are interacted securely with us using proper and secured IAM vault like Bitwarden.

  • Execution usually takes 1-7 DAYS depending on configurations' complexities and any unforseen circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding this product:

How many settings can I apply in 1 purchase?

NO LIMITATION for achieving ONE (1) change objective per purchase. This product is limited by its cut-off days. The more settings you include, the longer the test it will take and the chances of deployment is harder.

How do you define a social channel?

A SINGLE ONE-WAY/TWO-WAY COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN PUBLICS AND YOU. This means that messengers like Whatsapp and Telegram; mailing list like Google Group; and social network like Instagram and TikTok; each are considered a channel. A total of 5 channels are list above.

I need troubleshooting service. Is this the one?

YES: we considered troubleshooting as a configuration objective. To keep the service business structure simple, we will group every configuration known configuration efforts (e.g. troubleshooting, upgrades, implement new feature, integrations, etc) as one.

However, please take note that each one of them is an objective so you may need to perform multiple purchases if they're chained together.

How do you handle violation?

DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS AND ENGAGEMENT WITH THE SERVICE PROVIDER. Depending on your level of violation's severity, and there is no guarentee that your channel can be recovered.

Usually, for business-type channel account, most service providers perform soft-ban or written warning before disbanding your account with exception to serious cases (e.g. inducing hate speech that caused death and legal authorities are currently pursing legal actions against you).

Will you surrender us to authority if we did illegal activities?

YES BUT NOT WITHOUT COURT ORDER. In any cases, should we discovered you engage in activities deemed illegal, we will cooperate with legal authorities and enforcers as far as the legal jurisdiction is required.

That being said, ZORALab will not continue any business relationship with you in the future as you already breached our Terms and Conditions. All existing services shall be abruptly terminated with perjudice from the day of discovery.

Must I assign an associate?

YES. He/she is mainly for decision making like data identifications, and mitigate unforseen circumstances.

ZORALab cannot decide (including delete) anything without your business context that can cause disruption or damage.

Will my system be compatible with ZORALab?

YES. Being compatible means ZORALab crew can support you with our immediate attentions when you call us for emergency assistances (e.g. when you are under cyberattack).

You will receive a certificate of audit (with expiry date) from us after a successful setup.

Does your pricing includes service providers' fees?

NO: EXCLUDE. Pricing shown here are our 1-time ZORALab Salut talent services. You're hiring our talents and knowledge to serve a paricular tech requirement. We will present the vendor pricing during the quotation stage for you to gauge the total project cost.

As of 2022, for valid security and legal reasons, nearly all service providers want direct payment connection with their clients. Hence, we can only guide your assigned associate to setup the payment system.

How to tell you’re not a tech scammer?

By analyzing the ZORALab agent in-charge and our business models. ZORALab and all our agents operate strictly on "Trust is Earned" model. If we failed to earn your trust (e.g. providing a way to verify our bona-fide identity), we cannot proceed any businesses with you at all.

Trust earning and management is critical in ZORALab IT knowledge and data services as losing one is losing all. Also, whenever there is doubt, stick to your hunch. Our agents are trained to take bashes and know how to deal with the authorities legally. Your safety is the highest priority.

Another tell-sign is ZORALab NEVER OUTSOURCE our products and services to any 3rd-party entity so if anyone stated they are on-behalf of ZORALab, you can 100% guarentee to go against them.

Do I get price discounts after cut-off time?

NO - We DO NOT warrant the completion within the cut-off duration. The cut-off duration is a design to cope with probable uncertainties like dealing with uncooperative or problematic Subject or a natural pandemic event.

What happens after cut-off time?

We will discuss with you on Day-3/Day-4 of the execution. Generally, We DO CHARGE as additional unit purchase for causes due to but not limited to:

  • your firm internal disputes causing the delay; OR

  • Subject being un-cooperative and delayed the execution at his/her discretion; OR

  • your related service providers are causing unscheduled outage impeding the executions; OR

  • Subject using complicated and unmaintainable methods/processes/technolgies that are unnecessarily time-consuming.

We DO NOT CHARGE for causes due to but not limited to:
  • global events like Warfare or Covid19 Lockdown; OR

  • natural events on either side like earthquake or volcano; OR

  • ZORALab members being recalled for handling emergency cases.

How ZORALab Executes?

Depending on data nature and technological availability. We generally execute the tasks in the following orders:

  1. COMPLETE-REMOTE - [RECOMMENDED] When data is not critically risky (e.g. invoice files, documents, statements, notes, etc) and your system are accessible across the Internet. We access via our instruments and endpoints.

  2. CONTROLLED-REMOTE - [USUAL] When data is not critically risky and there is a need for your associate to monitor our executions on-the-job. We remote into your assigned endpoint(s) and perform executions.

  3. PHYSICAL PRESENCE - When the data is critically risky (e.g. process technologies, trade secrets, etc) or the task physical nature is not permittable (need physical access). We will physically show up at your firm using your endpoints to get the job done. Additional logistic charges may apply.

Terms and Conditions

Before purchasing, please thoroughly read through and process ALL our terms and conditions for ZORALab Salut Services by filling in the legal credentials and signature in their respective last page form. You can email us back with your processed document during the purchase.

Don't worry. You only need to do these ONCE for each of the terms agreement. The coverage will be effective and updated automatically for your subsequent purchases.

Here are the terms sheets:

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